Ways to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom

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Child’s Bedroom – OK, so the time has come; your child has changed from a little bundle of sweetness and joy into a hell raising teenager, and something NEEDS to be done about it. Unfortunately, building a magical time machine that takes you back to when your kids hung off your every word and looked up to you with complete awe and admiration is out of the question; those days, my friend, are long gone! But what we can do is provide you with some advice on how you can reconnect with your kids by giving them the gift of a supercool bedroom. Now, we’re not suggesting you completely tear the room apart and start from scratch, oh no. We have means and ways of achieving the transition from a child’s bedroom to a ‘young adults’ without you hardly lifting a finger! Don’t believe us? Well read on…


This is a quick way of changing the look of a bedroom. It’s time to remove those Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine curtains that we all know and love, and to replace them with something which has a bit more style; like blinds! Opting for blinds can instantly make a room feel more chic, providing a sharper look which will get your teens happily grunting in approval. What’s more, we understand that all young people are unique and have their own tastes, and that’s why blinds are perfect as they come in so many variations that there’s bound to be at least one they’ll like. For more inspiration, why not check out some designs provided by readymade blind specialists, as these will give plenty to choose from!


This is another fundamental aspect to shaping your teen’s bedroom; do they really still need that rocking horse in the corner? Didn’t think so. What you need to do is inject a bit of personality into it. Take away all those childish elements and transform their room into something which really suits them. Perhaps consider looking into fitted bedrooms, or a revamp of old furniture, or even just sticking in a trendy beanbag could do the trick. Whatever you decide, make sure they support your decisions fully and aren’t embarrassed to bring their friends around. That would be so uncool. Read also Designing Bed for Kids Room


They say that children are the future, and it’s true! So for this reason, it’s important to provide them with the most up-to-date technology. You don’t want you kids falling behind the times, and the only way you can successfully avoid this is by complying with social convention and to invest in one of those electrical boxes… what are they called again? Oh yeah, a computer. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one in the shop, but these days, it’s definitely a necessity.  It’s essential for completing school work, for developing certain skills and for keeping in touch with friends, so it’s well worth buying one; your teen will love you for it. And if you want to, you can still hold an element of control over their use of it; just remind them, mummy and daddy know best!


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