Wrought Iron Coffee Tables

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Wrought iron coffee tables can be a delightful addition to your home. With its sturdy construction and classic looks that never seem to go out of style, it seems like your only challenge is to make sure it goes with the rest of your decor. Read below to find out how.

How To Choose A Wrought Iron Coffee Table

There are two main styles of wrought iron. The first is the flowery, French style which has lots of curves, frills and bends in the metal. The second style of wrought iron is more modern and minimalist: it involves flowing lines without all the spirals and twists we normally think of when it comes to wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Coffee Table with Glass Top

If you have a modern home, I would opt for the second style as it will go better with your current look. By contrast, if you have a country-style or rustic look in your house, by all means go for the French, frilly style of wrought iron.

Wrought Iron Coffee Table glass on top

Keep in mind also that you can use wrought iron furniture and accessories throughout your home to create a unified look.

For example, you can buy a wrought iron coffee table as well as a wrought iron wine cabinet and a wrought iron clock. You can even attach door handles made from wrought iron to your front door to set the mood of the place.

How To Maintain Your Wrought Iron Coffee Table

Wrought iron is usually dark in color and therefore requires periodic dusting to keep up its good looks. If you are going to use any kind of spray or cleaning liquid, be sure that it is wrought-iron friendly.

An easy way to do this is to use car cleaning soap. The thing with car cleaning soap is that you know it is safe for metallic surfaces.

Wrought Iron Top Glass Coffee Table

Whichever type of cleanser you decide to use, I would test with a small spot clean in an inconspicuous area first.

A final wrought iron maintenance tip: Don’t sand your wrought iron furniture with emery paper. You may end up ruining the surface and causing abrasions on your wrought iron.

Complementing Your Coffee Table With Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture

Now that you’ve got your wrought iron coffee table, you may want to extend the wrought iron look to your patio.

The first tip is to make sure the wrought iron styles are complimentary. Even though they are in different areas of your house, you still want them to look good. Use your eye to see whether your coffee table goes with your outdoor furniture.

wrought iron and marble coffee table

The second tip is to make sure that your outdoor wrought iron table and chairs have some kind of protective coating already applied.

For example, the Kettler 24 inch outdoor table has a nylon and aluminum sinter-coating applied to its wrought-iron legs.

woodard wrought iron coffee table furniture

If your outdoor wrought iron table and chairs do not come with a pre-applied protective coating, you can apply one yourself. Coatings are available from home decor stores and should help to protect your table and chairs from the sun and the rain for about 5 years. Be sure to dust your furniture thoroughly before applying and also take care to follow the instructions carefully.

Good luck choosing the best wrought iron coffee tables for your home!


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